Your senior photo session is your chance to immortalize this pivotal moment in your life. You, about to step out into this crazy world and CONQUER it.  Let it know you are coming, and it better be ready.



There are an infinite amount of details you must consider before your senior photo session.  What will I wear? Do plaid and stripes go together?  Where will we go for the photos?  Can I bring my truck, car, dog, llama? Should I bring my uniform and ball or my leotard and toe shoes?  How about my  best friend?   Just know that the most important decision you will make is your senior photographer.  For real!  If your photographer is boring or creepy - you'll remember that when you look at your photos.  

I believe that your senior photos should tell a story about YOU.   Are you fun and outgoing, maybe love fashion?  Then your photos should convey that.  Do you love the outdoors - maybe hunting or mudding in your jacked up truck?  Let's go mudding and show the world that side of you!  Maybe you love to read or cook?  I can create a session experience that will not only be fun but will be truly YOU.  For you athletes, dancers, motorcycle or car enthusiasts, you are going to LOVE the EPICNESS (new word alert!) of my Extreme and Sportrait photos.  These look amazing printed on giant pieces of metal!  Yes, they are BADASS!