Check out  INQUIRE  to contact Dez and get started booking your photo experience.

Check out INQUIRE to contact Dez and get started booking your photo experience.

It's About The Experience

Hi!  I’m Dez, an award-winning, published, photographer, serving Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Kingsland, St. Marys, St. Simons, Jekyll Island, Brunswick, Folkston, and all the surrounding areas and beyond (basically the rest of the planet because I love to travel and photograph amazing places).  

HERE’S THE DEAL. I’m slightly reckless. I get excited at the drop of a hat (especially if something shiny is involved). Basically, I’m a lot of FUN and working with me is NEVER boring. When you look at your pictures after a session with me, If you don’t have a story to tell about our time together (usually involving some sort of self inflicted injury or debilitatingly embarrasing moment on my part) then I haven’t fully done my job. I’m easy going, and love what I do for so many reasons, there really isn't room to list them here. 

Weddings? Yes please! What’s better than watching two people in love make a life long promise to love one another?  I know - having them look at their EPIC wedding wall art and remember how amazing that day was, and how strong their love for each was and still is.  I have a special ability to get the images my clients want, bring the creativity they crave, and do it all while keeping them relaxed and HAPPY.  The only drama I bring to a wedding is the drama I create in portraits.  

I love, love, LOVE (did I say LOVE?) working with High School Seniors! I swear I am a 18 year old girl trapped in a slightly (ahem!) older body. I’m not ready to accept that older means boring or blah. Life is too short for that! I want my Seniors to look at their photos when they are my age and think, “That is SO me!” And SPORTRAITS? Seriously guys and girls, if you think you look BadAss in your sports uniform - just wait and see what I can do!

Portraits. ALL KINDS of portraits. Family portraits (LOVE), Glamour Portraits (not the mall variety - the GOOD stuff), AND Boudior Portraits (awww YEAH) are some of my favs. And ATTENTION TWEENS - you have not been forgotten or forsaken. I am here for you. Let’s take you and your favorite things, all the amazing things that make you who you are individually, and let’s IMMORTALIZE them! Like Steampunk? I can do that! Vanity Fair? I can do that too! Ballet or Dance- OMG, you have NO IDEA.  I am up for the challenge.  FUN is the magic word.  If it isn't fun, I don't want to do it (refer back to Life is too short).